Restorative Dentistry Near Mechanicsburg, PA

Restorative Dentistry Near Mechanicsburg, PA

Restorative dentistry in Mechanicsburg refers to procedures that bring the teeth back to a functional state and give you a second chance at having a beautiful smile. If you have recently been the victim of an injury to your teeth, mouth, or jaw, or if bad oral hygiene habits have led to tooth decay, restorative dentistry is the key in making sure your teeth are able to get back to normal. At times, restorative dentistry is even able to bring the teeth to a state that surpasses how the teeth were before the procedure. Is restorative dentistry right for you?

What Qualifies as Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry in Mechanicsburg, PA is something that most general dentists are able to perform without additional education and certification. It is important to remember though that it all depends on the difficulty of each procedure and what each dental professional is comfortable with. More specifically, under the umbrella term of restorative dentistry, the following procedures are all included:

  • Fillings
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Full and partial dentures
  • Dental implants

Types of Dental Restoration: Direct and Indirect

For dental restoration that is more direct, these methods involve placing a filling into a prepared tooth cavity. This kind of tooth restoration can be done in just one visit, and you and your dentist together will choose from a variety of filling options.

On the other hand, indirect tooth restoration involves more customized tooth replacements. These come in the form of crowns, on lays, and inlays. In order to find more information about each individual kind of restorative dentistry procedure, feel free to give our office a call at your earliest convenience.

Are You Read to Restore Your Teeth in Mechanicsburg?

If you are interested in your restorative dentistry options and are looking for a way to seek out the appropriate treatment for you and your needs, contact your local Mechanicsburg dentist today! We at Carlisle Pike Family Dentistry are here to answer any questions even address concerns you may have about restorative dentistry.

For restorative dentistry near you book an appointment with us today at Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg. Other locations where we are available for services include Carlisle Pike, N Sporting Hill Rd, Lighthouse Dr, Mcdonald Dr, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Lower Allen, Hogestown, Shiremanstown, New Kingstown, Lemoyne, Wormleysburg, Enola.

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