Oral Piercings: Not Cool for Teeth

Oral piercing can be fun for many people, but the fact is that they are not good for your dental health, says dentist in Mechanicsburg. While we are not against freedom of self-expression, people getting oral piercing should think twice about their dental health as piercings can be harmful for your teeth and we want you to keep your teeth healthy. Any piercing done in or around your mouth is known as oral piercing. Let’s look at some reasons why oral piercing is not good for your teeth:


According to dentist in Mechanicsburg, when you get your ear piercing, you understand the risk of infection and try to keep the new piercing clean. However, oral piercing have much higher risk of infection as our mouth is home to millions of bacteria which have potential to cause infection at the piercing site. Signs of infection include swelling, pain, fever, chills, shaking, or red-streaked appearance around the piercing.

Tooth and Gum Damage

One of the most common issues associated with oral piercing is gum damage, says dentist near Mechanicsburg PA. The oral piercings can irritate the gum tissues and cause enamel damage in the form of cracks, chips, scratches, and tooth sensitivity. If you have any dental work done such as fillings or crowns, the oral piercings can damage them as well.

Nerve Damage

It’s common to experience numbness in tongue followed by tongue piercing because of nerve damage. It’s temporary but at times it can be permanent. Nerve damage can affect your sense of taste as well as the movement and function of your mouth, says dentist in 17050.

Other Hazards

Allergic reactions are always possible with piercings. Some people can be hypersensitive to certain metals. Tongue piercing can increase the saliva production and can also interfere with x-rays of the mouth.

Our Advice

  • Choose jewelry as per location of the mouth.
  • Check is you are sensitive to the metal.
  • Use polymer balls to reduce the risk of damage.
  • Keep piercing clean and free of debris.
  • Avoid playing with the jewelry.
  • Remove it while participating in sports.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene routine.

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