It can be surprising to know, but a significant American population avoids going to the dentist because of fear and anxiety. It has been estimated that about 9 to 15% of the population fears seeing the dentist. The real problem is that dental phobia encourages them to suffer from dental issues, says the dentist in Mechanicsburg. The dental issues can lead to serious diseases such as tooth decay, tooth pain and gum disease.

If at all these people plan a visit to the dentist, the session will be lengthier and more expensive, which will only increase the anxiety. The dentist in Mechanicsburg suggests that every dental professional must be aware of the symptoms and causes of dental phobia to help them in achieving optimum oral health.

Dental Phobia

The dental Phobia is a condition that should not be taken lightly. It is a fear that makes many people avoid seeing the dentist as much as possible. For them, suffering from dental issues is better than sitting in a dental chair, says the dentist in Mechanicsburg, PA. They often explain pain, discomfort, and helplessness as one of the reasons for their anxiety and fear. The dentists should try to make appointments with these patients as painless as possible.


  • One of the main reasons for fear is negative experience with the dentist in the past. Adults who may have had cavities or braces as children may shy away from dental visits.
  • Some people are so embarrassed of their dental issues that they don’t even want the dentist to know about it.
  • The fear of pain during a dental procedure is another significant reason for anxiety among people, says the dentist in 17050.
  • Some people are anxious and scared of the dental appointments as it is an experience out of their control.

Signs That a Patient May be Experiencing Dental Phobia

If the patient cancels appointment at the last minute, feels nervous and nauseated in the waiting room, or gets mild panic attacks, then the patient is suffering from dental phobia.

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