5 Signs That you Need Emergency Dentist Right Now

Certain parts of your body are more delicate than the others. Although the teeth are sturdy and are subjected to immense pressure due to the continuous chewing, the surrounding tissues are delicate. The tongue is also very delicate, and certain dental emergencies or trauma might need immediate medical attention.

It is important to identify dental emergencies and act accordingly. A mere toothache might not classify as an emergency, but a persistent tooth pain is something you should not ignore.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is a common issue that involves the teeth and the neighboring supporting tissues that are of high importance and need to be treated by medical professionals. Pain can originate due to cavities or due to other dental ailments. Teeth sensitivity of extreme levels can also be treated as an emergency.

It is essential for you to know which injuries or dental trauma need emergency dental care. Accidents can happen any time without prior intimation, and you need to avail of treatment immediately. Emergency dentist in Mechanicsburg are well trained to treat emergencies.

Signs That You Need Emergency Dentist

In case of dental emergency or trauma, you should at once consult an emergency dentist. Dentists in Mechanicsburg are highly-experienced in treating dental trauma and provide the best available treatment.

#1: Knocked-out Tooth

Once you have a tooth knocked out from its socket, you can retrieve the tooth by holding it by its crown. You may rinse off with water if the tooth is dirty, but it is better not to scrub or remove any fragments of tissues attached to the tooth. In case you cannot put the tooth back into its socket, you can preserve the same in a container of milk or a cup of water containing a pinch of salt. Knocked-out tooth stands the chance of being saved if attended within an hour, so you need to hasten your visit to the dentist.

#2: Broken or Chipped Teeth

When you suffer trauma and have chipped or broken teeth, you can save the pieces. Rinsing the mouth with warm water can relieve you of the pain. If there is bleeding, you can apply a gauze soaked in cold water for a few minutes. Applying an ice pack on the outside of the lip, cheek, or mouth can ease off the swelling and relieve you of the pain.


#3: Toothaches

Although the general tooth pain might not sound threatening, the persistent pain can make you suffer a lot. You can use a cold compress or rinse the mouth with warm water, but it is better not to apply any painkiller or aspirin near the gums. Even food caught between the mouth and cavities can cause immense pain. It is better to visit the dentist at once.

#4: Loss of Dental Filling

You might lose the crown or a dental filling; you should rush to the dentist at once. Carlisle Pike Family Dentistry is the place you can visit in case of dental emergencies. As a temporary measure, you can stick a sugarless gum in the dental gap. In case of a crown loss, you can slip the crown over the tooth or can apply clove oil to reduce the pain. But such a state should not be ignored, and visiting an emergency dentist is a must.

#5: The Soft Tissue Injuries

You might face injuries to the soft tissues adjacent to the teeth while playing or while you meet an accident. Contact sports as soccer or ice hockey can lead to dental trauma, and accidents occur without intimation. The tissues inside the mouth cavity are susceptible and delicate.

The tongue, lips, gum or cheek are very tender, and blood capillaries run beneath them. A small injury can be dangerous, and you should visit a dentist in case of emergencies.

Visiting the Dentist

When you are in pain, it is difficult to identify the state of the extent of injury or ailment. Emergency dentists are best equipped to treat such symptoms. At Carlisle Pike Family Dentistry, you can avail of the best available treatment. We are open on weekends, and with family-friendly staff, you can relax with your family as you undertake treatment without any additional expenditure value the presence of your near ones I time of crisis and trauma treatment.

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